At City Watch, we’re always aspiring to provide the best possible fan-produced, independent coverage of Manchester City. We update around the clock on social media, our website, we have a podcast hosted by the renowned Ian Cheeseman, and we have other projects in the pipeline.

An incredible amount of time and effort is put into City Watch, 7 days a week, and there are significant costs. The website has adverts and that certainly helps, but it’s a very challenging model, particularly with many people using ad blockers these days — something we fully understand, as ads can be annoying and intrusive.

This is why we’re asking you, our followers and supporters, to help and support us. We have created a new Patreon page that allows you to pledge to City Watch each month — this will make you a supporter of the entire project, not just one element of it.

Click here to visit our Patreon page


We want everything that has always been available for free, to remain free. Paywalls are common now, but we wouldn’t feel comfortable taking anything away — on the contrary we want to provide more than we already do.

Patrons will be given some additional perks and features including exclusive wallpapers, podcast episodes, long reads, and more. Full details can be found on our Patreon page.

Your support will also help us to not only continue the City Watch project, but improve and expand it with more features and brand new ideas. We have some very exciting projects in mind, but they would come with considerable expenses.

We want to remain as independent as possible, as we have been since 2011 — something created by City fans for City fans.


We’ve created several tiers with different rewards and will look to improve and add to them as time goes by. We have set a minimum tier of US$1 per month (around £0.70 / €0.80) + VAT (for EU residents), with the highest rewards-based tier set at US$7 (around £5 / €5.50) + VAT (for EU residents).

Any contribution comes with our eternal thanks and gratitude!


Our rewards are split over several different tiers and include the following:

  • Additional monthly content here on Patreon, including a long read, extra podcast and Q&As.
  • A custom shirt graphic with a name of your choice on.
  • Custom-designed phone wallpapers created by our own graphics team.
  • Entry into a Fantasy Football competition at the start of the season with a prize up for grabs.
  • Your questions to be answered on the City Watch Podcast by Ian Cheeseman and the team.
  • A follow from @City_Watch on Twitter.

Tiers and rewards will evolve and expand as time goes by, so be sure to return to our Patreon page regularly.


Many projects run Patreons for one specific thing — be it a YouTube channel, a blog, or something else. With City Watch, you’re supporting an ambitious, multi-platform project that involves many people working to provide the very best fan-produced Manchester City content. Here’s what a contribution would go towards:

  • Patrons are not only supporting the core features of City Watch — social media coverage, the website and podcast — but giving us the chance to expand and improve those things. More content, more podcasts, more bespoke graphics, and so on.
  • More content on to supplement the daily news and match coverage we provide. This would include more long reads, interviews, and interactive features.
  • Patrons are supporting those who put hours of their day into City Watch – the founder, the news writers, the graphic designers, and others – who can be better compensated for their hard work.
  • Patrons are helping with the creation of brand new projects which we won’t reveal yet, but we promise are hugely exciting!

With your support, City Watch can become bigger and better!

Please take a look at our Patreon page and considering becoming a City Watch Patron. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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