Some Fascinating Manchester City Football Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Manchester City fans have abundant reasons to love their favourite football club. However, the one that endears them to it is its long history, complete with triumphs and defeats in equal measure. The club has seen its dark days after their loss at the 1981 FA Cup Final. However, it has proven its mettle by reorganizing their strategies, and with the undying support from their fan base, they are currently one of England’s top-tier football clubs.

Want to find out more about this 124-year-old bastion of premier football? Here are 7 facts you probably never knew about Manchester City FC:

Man City Won the First Manchester FA Cup

The Manchester FA cup is the oldest football competition in the world. However, it had never had an actual Manchester FC taking it home. That was until 1904 when City became the first ever to bring home or rather keep the trophy in Manchester itself. Billy Meredith stole the show at Wembley and emerged victorious against Bolton, one of the most intimidation challengers standing between City and their dreams. The win was secured with a single goal, only 24 years after the formation of the club. That’s not all. Man City has won the Cup 4 more times till date.

Man City FC’s Legendary Players

The fact that football for Man City fans is all about the heart was exemplified when Glauber Berti achieved cult status after playing for the team for a mere 6 minutes. Hailing from Brazil, Berti was signed onto the team in 2008. Throughout the season, he occupied the bench 20 times and his skills as an adept footballer were largely left unused. Only on the last day of the season’s match, were fans able to see him play when Wayne Bridge was swapped for Berti in the 84th minute. So beloved was this footballer, that he was voted Man of the Match when that match ended!

The Team Shared Maine Road with Manchester United

International sports and international politics go hand-in-hand. This was a sentiment most understood in the aftermath of the Second World War. Entertainment like sports were the people’s only opportunity to escape the death and destruction all around. However, Manchester United lovers were stripped of that as well because Old Trafford had been destroyed by bombs. Man City extended their support by sharing Maine Road with the team until Old Trafford had been reconstructed, a spirit that is in contrast with the present-day rivalry between the two houses. Talk about being a sport!

The Team Ranks On the Top 10 Most Supported Clubs in Europe

There’s a common saying that Man City isn’t really 11 members strong, it’s got a roster in the thousands. Indeed, the latest team statistics pin the number of their supporters at 54,900 and that’s just locally! This makes the team the 8th most supported football club in the continent. This is no surprise given that there is hardly an empty seat at the Etihad on match day. The other teams on the list were Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Borussia Dortmund, in that order.

City Helped Man U Afford Kits

Yet another instance of Manchester City’s big heart, all the way back in 1929, the Football Association of the time harboured a very neglectful attitude towards the northern England football clubs, with all their attention and resources being dedicated to the south. Manchester United was one of the clubs badly hit with a financial crunch. The crisis was so extreme that they were not able to afford a new kit for the season. City stepped in to save the day by renting the Stockport factory of the manufacturer Umbro, who had agreed to donate unused fabric to the United team to make their jerseys and kits.

The Team Enjoys Supreme Popularity in Football Betting

Unbeknownst to many, football enjoys a uniquely popular spot when it comes to gambling. Man City happens to be one of the most frequently bet on teams, both online and offline. The establishment of new casinos online has skyrocketed the demand for City’s wins, while also doing a lot to augment their fan base. Experts argue that this is mainly because these sites have come up with new and innovative new ways to bet on football matches, offering a little something for everyone. Manchester City enjoys the lion’s share of average bets made for a team in any given season.

Man City FC Recorded Fewest Goals Scored at Home

New additions to the team’s fan club would probably never have seen this coming, given their current arsenal of power-packed player performances by the likes of Gabriel Jesus and David Silva. However, the 2007-’07 season was by far the most embarrassing one for the team, scoring no more than 10 goals in total across 19 league matches at the Etihad. The team ranked 14th, with Joey Barton as the club’s top performer, having scored 6 goals.

Concluding Remarks

Manchester City football club’s winning streak is not likely to come to a halt anytime soon, so invest in the team for short-term returns by placing your bets on them.

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