Kevin De Bruyne: I hate losing – even at board games to my wife and son!

Kevin De Bruyne’s hatred of losing is driving him to be a success in football – and it seems to be working!

The 27-year-old has revealed in an interview with Hays that even losing a board game at home is hard to take, and he feels the need to win at everything.

De Bruyne said: “What drives me? Winning. I can’t stand to lose.

“Even at home, playing boards game with the missus, the son, whatever, I can’t lose against them. It’s just the way I am. It just drives me to keep going and to become probably the best I can be in football.”

The Belgian maestro also spoke of the importance of hard work and mental strength in football.

“Yes, you need to have talent, but hard work is the biggest part,” De Bruyne said. “The differences between players at this level is so minimal. A few changes can make a big difference in the end.

“We won by 19 points last season, but won a lot of games last minute. That’s the most important thing, to keep going and keep going. In the end it’s more about being mentally fit rather than physically. There is no rest for us.

“After a busy year like last year you have two to three weeks then have to come back, there is no time to get your mental or physical rest. You need to be very strict with what you’re doing as a player and the way you live your life.

“A lot of people can have talent but they let it go to waste. I left home when I was 14 years old to play football and I saw a lot of people who didn’t make it, but through my determination it paid off in the end.”

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