CIES: Raheem Sterling worth €185m – but how are other Man City stars valued?

Raheem Sterling is Manchester City’s most valuable asset according to the latest study released by Swiss experts CIES Football Observatory.

The study group has released a list of the 100 most valuable players in Europe’s top five leagues plus how much they are worth. The valuations are determined by the club, age, end of contract and national team, which is why a player of Sergio Aguero’s talents is below Ederson for example.

Eleven City players are included in the top 100, with notable absentees including Fernandinho, David Silva and Benjamin Mendy. The first two have seen their value deteriorate due to their ages, while Mendy’s injury record may work against him.

Sterling is valued at €185.8 million, making him the fourth most valuable asset in European football, with Leroy Sané also cracking the top ten at €156.1 million.

Here is the top ten, plus how other City stars rank and are valued in the CIES Football Observatory study:

1. Kylian Mbappé – €218.5m
2. Harry Kane – €200.3m
3. Neymar – €197.1m
4. Raheem Sterling – €185.8m
5. Mohammed Salah – €184.3m
6. Paulo Dybala – €171.9m
7. Lionel Messi – €171.2m
8. Romelu Lukaku – €162.0m
9. Philippe Coutinho – €157.0m
10. Leroy Sané – €156.1m

15. Gabriel Jesus – €134.6m
16. Bernardo Silva – €133.2m
26. Aymeric Laporte – €104.3m
27. Ederson – €100.1m
30. Kevin De Bruyne – €95.6m
39. Sergio Aguero – €84.3m
48. John Stones – €78.2m
51. Kyle Walker – €77.0m
54. Riyad Mahrez – €76.0m

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