UEFA chief: Manchester City could be banned from the Champions League

Manchester City face a ban from UEFA competitions if allegations that they hid more than £70m in funding from the club’s owners are proven to be true, according to one of UEFA’s top men.

Yves Leterme, a former Prime Minister of Belgium and the chairman and chief investigator of UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body, said City could face the heaviest sporting sanctions – a Champions League ban – if information from Football Leaks is proven to be true.

“If what has been written about Manchester City is true, there might be a serious problem,” Leterme told Belgium’s Sports and Strategy magazine.

“This can lead to the heaviest punishment – exclusion from UEFA competitions.”

He added: “If the information is correct, this goes against the truthful reporting of financial affairs.

“The Financial Fair Play rules are based on a system of declaration.

“Three months after the clubs have closed their accounts, they have to deposit their figures.

“Then we do random checks on the truthfulness of those figures. The accounts are examined and approved internally and externally.”

City are alleged to have hidden around £70 million of income from the owners disguised as legitimate sponsorship. The club have not denied the allegations but released a statement saying hacked emails had been taken ‘out of context’.

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