Pep Guardiola: Become a club president? I like the smell of grass too much…

Pep Guardiola has no plans to move into upper management instead of coaching, preferring the excitement of being close to the action.

The Manchester City manager visited Catalan politicians and social leaders held prisoner in Lledoners and spoke on the prison’s internal radio system. The audio has come to light with Catalan newspaper SPORT transcribing some of what Pep said to prisoners.

Asked about becoming a club president or similar figure of authority, Guardiola categorically ruled it out.

“I think that I do well as a coach. Being more of a director means a lot of dinners and that bores me,” said Guardiola. “I like the smell of the grass, the competition, the nerves, losing a game, making a team play as you want…”

The 47-year-old said his native Catalonia is a popular tourist hot-spot for people in England.

“Catalonia is liked a lot in England. Nearly everyone I know goes there on holiday. They speak highly about what we have, the weather, our food…”

And Pep revealed that while he’s politically left, he isn’t very big on politics because it can show the worst characteristics of people.

“I don’t like politics much because it shows a lot of what humans are like… Life’s gone well for me, like many people, because my job has helped me in that way.

“I’m from a humble family from a small village and my family have always helped me to put myself on the side of the less fortunate. I’m very to the left.

“I like to watch politics from afar. I think we all are involved in politics and we have a duty to express our opinions.”

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