Revealed: How Manchester City’s wages-per-player compare to Manchester United and others

Few will argue that Manchester City have the most talented squad in the Premier League right now – but are they the most handsomely paid?

According to the latest Global Sports Salaries Survey, the answer to that is no, and the best paid players are across town at Old Trafford.

Manchester United are paying the most per player of any Premier League club, handing out an average of £6.5 million per year to their stars.

City rank second at just under £6 million per player, followed by Chelsea on £5 million, Liverpool on £4.86 million, Arsenal on £4.85 million, and then there is quite a drop-off to Tottenham on £3.5 million.

So while City do have the tag of ‘big spenders’, and they definitely do invest heavily in transfer fees and wages, there isn’t a huge amount of difference in salaries paid between them and rivals such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

You can find how Premier League clubs compare to the rest of the world’s sports sides by reading the full survey, but here’s how the top six within the Premier League rank:

1. Manchester United (£6,534,654)
2. Manchester City (£5,993,000)
3. Chelsea (£5,020,004)
4. Liverpool (£4,862,963)
5. Arsenal (£4,853,130)
6. Tottenham (£3,515,778)

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