Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri: Manchester City are far above everyone else

Chelsea are just four points behind Manchester City after twelve weeks of Premier League matches, but coach Maurizio Sarri believes they have little chance of beating Pep Guardiola’s team to the title this season.

City, Chelsea and Liverpool are unbeaten after twelve games – a remarkable fact – and in any other year one of the three sides might be clearer at the top, but this season’s Premier League has some very strong sides.

Even so, Sarri, a personal friend of Guardiola, believes there is still a gap to close before Chelsea can challenge City for the title.

“We have to work very hard just to try to recover the gap, but at the moment the gap is still there,” Sarri said on Friday.

“We have to do it. We can recover, but I don’t think in the first season we will be able to recover 30 points.

“In the Premier League, there is a team above the others. This team is Manchester City.

“Then there is a very good team – Liverpool. For sure Liverpool will be in the first four positions. Then there is four or five teams who will have to fight for the Champions League positions. Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, United.”

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