From Spain: UEFA’s decision on banning Manchester City and PSG from Champions League

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, the two most prominent nouveau riche sides and bane of the established elite, have come under fire lately after Der Spiegel published hacked documents from Football Leaks that alleged the sides went to great lengths to get around Financial Fair Play rules.

The leaks about City, one of which claimed Sheikh Mansour PAID Abu Dhabi-based companies to sponsor his club, were quite damning and City have refused to say much about what they describe as ‘contextless’ articles – context being a very important thing to consider with any allegations.

And in recent days it has been suggested that UEFA could in fact ban City and PSG if investigations into these claims are found to be true.

From Spain comes contradictory information, with the Marca newspaper claiming that UEFA have ruled out excluding either City or PSG from the Champions League.

At the last meeting at their Nyon offices, at least one leading UEFA official is quoted as saying: “Right now, football can not do without teams like PSG or Manchester City.

While members of UEFA acknowledge that something has failed with Financial Fair Play, when the suggestion of excluding City or PSG was raised, everyone pulled the handbrake immediately.

It remains to be seen if this story is true or if City could in fact face new sanctions, but the word from Spain is clear: neither Manchester City or PSG have to worry about being booted out of the Champions League any time soon.

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