La Liga call for UEFA sanctions against Manchester City amid new FFP leaks

The pressure is on Manchester City as more and more leaks documenting alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play come out courtesy of the Der Spiegel / Football Leaks collaboration.

Leaked documents have claimed City had secret talks with former UEFA boss Gianni Infantino to help them out with Financial Fair Play, that Sheikh Mansour has been funding Abu Dhabi sponsors himself to pour money into City, and that City (and other English giants) have been involved in discussions to form a European Super League.

Further leaks are expected in the coming days, but with City having worked so hard to improve their image, should these allegations prove to be true, it could be damaging to the Manchester City brand.

And from Spain today comes more pressure on UEFA to investigate City’s practices in relation to FFP, particularly the claim of artificially inflated sponsorship deals — or “financial doping” — which could be the most serious of the lot.

Joris Evers, a spokesman and lead figure at La Liga (Spanish league), said today: “Our position is clear. The leaks validate what we have been saying for more than a year.

“UEFA should now take action and apply the rules and any sanctions that exist and are necessary.

“UEFA should do its job in terms of enforcing FFP because, as we have said before, both Manchester City and PSG are not complying with FFP rules.”

La Liga chief Javier Tebas has been outspoken about City and PSG and where their money is coming from, so pressure from La Liga should come as no surprise.

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