Football Leaks: Sheikh Mansour PAYING Man City sponsors to PAY Man City

The latest Football Leaks exposé has been released by French outlet Mediapart this afternoon and if proven to be true, could land Manchester City in some hot water.

There have recently been leaks of City’s alleged transgressions, including a claim that UEFA’s Gianni Infantino held secret meetings with City and PSG that allowed the clubs to circumvent UEFA’s own Financial Fair Play rules in 2014.

City have also been named as one of 11 ‘founding clubs’ in talks for a European Super League. This claim has been strongly denied by clubs listed, though City’s response of the FFP article wasn’t a pure denial and seemed to skirt around the allegations.

Today’s story would, if true, validate a theory that rival fans have long held: that Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi-based sponsorship deals are being artificially inflated by the club’s owner Sheikh Mansour.

The story claims has been funding City’s sponsorship deals by paying Abu Dhabi sponsors around €140m per year, money which is then pumped into the Premier League club via several different sponsors.

To move around money and attempt to confirm with FFP, Manchester City established “Operation Longbow” – its name, according to Club Secretary Simon Cliff, was chosen as “the English beat the French at Crécy and Agincourt,” aiming to beat Michel Platini (then of UEFA) in this case.

Manchester City have yet to comment on the latest leaks.

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