Five Rules of Betting on Football

Firstly, there is no foolproof way of betting on football, and there is no strategy to guarantee a profit. Anybody claiming to guarantee you a profit will either be lying or using a marketing scheme which requires you to part with your money to see their strategy.

In reality, you should only bet on football with fun in mind, using only money you can afford to lose. Consistently winning will take experience, time and a bit of luck. All the research, stats and form can mean nothing if luck is not on your side.

Lastly, put in the hard work and avoid blindly following “expert tipster” as some can take a 30% cut of your losses.

Take advantage of promotions

There are a mind-boggling number of bookmakers out there in the UK, with almost all using welcome offers to incentive new customers. Take advantage of all these great value promotions, but make sure you check the turnover requirements.

The top betting comparison sites will list all of the best bookmakers and their welcome offers while explaining the terms in a simple way. Check out this list of bookmakers for one of the best comparisons.

Stick to football you know

Gambling can become an issue when you go hunting for a bet in leagues or competitions that you have no idea about. Betting sites are listing thousands of events a week, but avoid falling into their trap. Stick to a small number of leagues that you follow, and actually watch.

Research the leagues you know, and you will find more success or at least a better understanding which can develop into you outwitting the bookies. If there are no events in the leagues you know, take a break or get an early start on your research.

Check for team news

Before you place any bets, always check to see the teams news for any injuries or suspensions. You cannot accurately assess a team’s potential if you are unaware their key players are injured or suspended.

Use Crystal Palace as an example, without Wilfried Zaha their record is pretty dreadful. More often than not they lose or draw games when he is not available.

Compare odds

There are a number of great odds comparisons sites that you can use but they are not always up to date. Use them as a rough guide for the best odds but check on the bookmakers directly to see the latest odds.

Bookmakers can price up events with vastly different odds, but it is quick and easy to compare the odds which can lead to great value for the short time it takes.

Gamble Responsibly

Above all else, be sure to gamble responsibly for the benefit of your health and your wallet. An estimated 2 million people are at risk of developing a gambling problem with around 430,000 already suffering in the UK alone.

Check out BeGambleAware to find advice and confidential help on your phone or online. Here you can read tips on how to stay in control and check to see if you or someone you know may have a gambling problem.

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