Pep Guardiola makes incredible Manchester City promise and reveals his favourite Oasis song

Pep Guardiola will never manage another Premier League club after Manchester City because of his connection with the city and its people.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, the City boss made that pledge, which is sure to delight Blues worldwide because it means we will never have to see Pep in an opposite Premier League dugout.

“I will be Mancunian for the rest of my life,” Guardiola said. “I will be a Manchester City fan and it will be impossible to train another team like Manchester City in England, because I feel love from the people here.”

It was tragedy which helped bind him to the city, after his family were caught up in the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena in 2017.

“When the attack happened, I was at home with my son, and my wife and daughters were there — they were at the Arena,” he said.

“She called me but the line broke immediately. She told me: ‘Something happened and we are running but I don’t know what happened,’ and the line broke.

“We tried to call her again and it didn’t work. We went to the Arena, and after five or six minutes she rang again and said: ‘We are out, we’re coming back home.’

“At the end, we were lucky. Many people suffered, and we were lucky. Life is like this. We were in a better position than many unfortunate ones.”

The first interview with Guardiola after arriving at City was hosted by Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame, and it is an Oasis tune – which was used as an anthem as people tried to come to terms with the Manchester Arena bombing – that has stuck with Pep.

The song is ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, one of Oasis’ bangers from the 90s.

Pep said: “I love this song, you cannot imagine how much. It is incredible. It’s a masterpiece. Every time we go out we always sing this song all together. We love it.

“I like that, after what happened in Manchester at the Arena, now it is a song for the people. Like in the video when everyone is in silence and one woman starts to sing the song and everybody sings, that is a moment. It was so touching for my family and for myself.”

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