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Ian Cheeseman on the City Watch Podcast: Pep Guardiola ‘really upset’ with Man City fans…

Pep Guardiola is ‘really down’ about Manchester City’s fans failing to embrace the Champions League, host Ian Cheeseman revealed on the latest episode of the City Watch Podcast.

Citing a source he trusts, Ian spoke of Pep’s disappointment as City fans continue to feel disillusioned by Europe’s biggest competition, as other fan bases embrace their involvement in it.

“I was told that Pep Guardiola is really upset about the fact that City fans are not taking to the Champions League,” said Cheeseman during a discussion on City fans’ relationship with the Champions League.

“Not just the booing of the anthem, but the fact that the ground isn’t noisy.

“He’s come from a background of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, where it feels like a Champions League game. It doesn’t feel like that at the Etihad.

“So he (Guardiola) – let’s assume that what I’m being told is correct – is really down about it.

“Some time, somewhere, he’s going to decide to move on and go somewhere else – could that process be speeded up by the fact that he’s at a club where the fans are disillusioned with the Champions League, which he loves and wants to win?”

City supporters continue to jeer the UEFA Champions League anthem home and away, while there is very little atmosphere and intensity from fans at home games, with just 40,000 turning up for the recent defeat to Lyon, days after 53,000-plus had been in attendance for a Premier League encounter with Fulham.

Guardiola alluded to this during a press conference at the end of September.

“Our fans cannot come for the Champions League games but they cannot say we don’t deserve to be playing for Man City,” said Guardiola.

Listen to the full episode of the latest City Watch Podcast hosted by Ian Cheeseman for more on City and the Champions League.

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