Cesc Fabregas: Pep Guardiola has had a big influence on England winger Raheem Sterling

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas believes Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has had a big influence on Raheem Sterling’s development as a player.

Writing in his debut column for the Telegraph, Fabregas credited the Catalan with making Sterling, 23, a more tactically adept player, and tipped him to be a big player for England at the World Cup.

“Sterling had a great season, he has fantastic qualities. People say he does not score enough goals, but still what he offers the team going in behind, running, he gives something to the team that I think will be very, very important,” Fabregas wrote.

“I can see the influence Pep Guardiola has had on him. He’s so fast, he has pace, but I think Pep, tactically, made him much better.

“From what I see when we play against him, he has got the qualities to go in behind and attack the lines because he is so fast. He did not used to do it, but Pep has put it in his mind that ‘listen, you are the player who can score 20, 25 goals a season easily.

“You need to make runs behind and get into the box’. When he takes you on one against one, you have no chance and England need to take advantage of this. He can deliver.”

Sterling’s improvement was backed up by the numbers last season, the winger scoring 18 goals and contributing 11 assists in 29 Premier League starts.

‘Raz’ is expected to start in England’s World Cup opener against Tunisia on Monday, along with Man City teammates Kyle Walker and John Stones.

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