Yaya Touré: Pep Guardiola ruined my last year at City and I would have preferred no ceremony

A third set of quotes from Yaya Touré’s explosive interview with France Football have been released, with Ivorian continuing his attack on Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

Touré’s most serious allegations were his remarks that Pep Guardiola doesn’t like Africans, but he has also accused Pep of ruining his final year at City, and said he would have preferred no ceremony after his final appearance in sky blue.

“I would have preferred to have no ceremony and leave with my head held high,” Touré told France Football (thanks to GFFN for the translation).

“I feel that Pep, without any gratitude or respect, did everything to ruin my final season.

“He stole my goodbyes with City, a club with amazing fans.”

“I would have liked to leave with emotion attached to the club. Similar to Iniesta or Buffon. But Pep prevented this.

“The worst is that towards the end, I felt happy to leave because of my frustration and my sentiment of abandonment and neglect.

“If I shed a tear when saying goodbye to the fans, it’s because of the way things broke down and because I couldn’t bear to see that guy anymore.”

Touré also suggested Guardiola has a totalitarian-like grip at Manchester City, with his allies working at the club.

“I also asked myself questions on our relationship as to whether I scared him. On a human level, it was difficult to deal with this. I am usually very calm, but I had to hold this back.

“The worst is that the owners saw this and let it happen. But it’s normal considering that they put him in charge.

“At City, there is no opposition seeing as all of his men are in key positions. It’s not easy to accept the status of a player paid to not play. That’s the first time that it’s happened to me, and it doesn’t feel good to feel like you’re stealing money. Or to not deserve it.”

In another shot at the Catalan coach, Touré said he had learned more from pretty much every other manager he has worked under – including Manuel Pellegrini. He did give some rare credit to Guardiola’s ideas, however.

“I learned more from my other coaches like Hervé Renard, Frank Rijkaard, Mancini, Pellegrini or Banide,” Touré said. “Beyond the tactical side of things, their managerial and leadership qualities really struck me.

“From a tactical perspective, Pep is obviously impressive. His vision of the game is exceptional. How could one deny it? On the other hand, managing the group is not at the same level.

“With him, I’ll remember what one shouldn’t do in terms of human relationships.”

Yaya also tried to debunk the belief that Guardiola is a genius, going in hard on the idea.

“Pep wants to come across as a genius. He loves that. But behind that, it’s all an act, it’s nonsense. He’s creating a persona. When I see him scratching his head during matches, it makes me laugh. It could be a comedy or PR simply.

“If we didn’t get along well, it’s because I had caught him. But unlike my big bro Eto’o, I didn’t say anything until now.”

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