From Spain: Why “football paradise” Man City is better for Pep Guardiola than Barcelona & Bayern

Manchester City fans were treated to the exciting news on Friday that Pep Guardiola has extended his contract until 2021.

Pep’s new deal means he has signed a contractual commitment that will keep him at City longer than any other club he has coached if he sees out his deal after many predicted he would stay for his usual three or four years before moving on.

What has made the Catalan coach decide to stay in Manchester longer than his beloved Barcelona or picturesque Munich?

Barcelona-based newspaper SPORT has explained the key difference between City and the other two clubs he has coached – his environment and surroundings. The politically intense Barcelona and ever-demanding Bayern Munich mean a coach is constantly at war with powers above him. At City, that is not the case.

“Guardiola left FC Barcelona fed up with the environment, the managerial conspiracies, the distortion of things, the little value given to him after writing one of the best pages in the history of the club with the best football ever seen,” journalist Toni Frieros wrote in his SPORT column.

“And in Munich, where he began with his greatest enthusiasm, he gradually became disenchanted as he discovered he could never do things his way because of the hierarchical nature of the club.

“At City, where he could have gone when he left Barça in 2012, he has found his match. The only pressure is what Pep puts on himself. He has no environment, only his own, who always support him. In good times, but especially bad ones. They are CEO Ferran Soriano, sporting director Txiki Begiristain, his inseparable Manuel Estiarte, his faithful staff.

“In a word… he is happy. In Manchester he has been able to deploy his project from beginning to end, without interference and without wars like the ones he lived every week in Barcelona. If there is a football paradise for Guardiola, it is Manchester City.”

And so, Pep Guardiola has found his “football paradise” and this explains why he has made his longest committment yet to a football club. Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, a match made in heaven.

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