Manchester City avoid transfer ban after being cleared in Benjamin Garré case

Manchester City’s nervous wait for an outcome in the Benjamin Garré case has ended, with news surfacing on Tuesday morning that they have been cleared of any wrongdoing and will face no transfer ban.

Had they been found guilty of breaking transfer rules, City could have been prohibited from registering any new signings for two transfer windows.

Velez complained that City broke rules in signing the young forward, but FIFA upheld City’s argument that he was free to join them after his 16th birthday, because the youngster has an Italian passport and players in Europe are free to move when they turn 16 if they do not sign a professional contract.

The Argentine club claimed that FIFA only allow players under-18 to move between clubs in European countries, and took their case to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) last July. They accused City of acting unethically by tapping up Garré when he was 15 and then breaking rules by signing him when he was 16.

Having already seen their case upheld by FIFA, Manchester City were always confident that the CAS would rule similarly, and have received a positive result.

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