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Blues fall short with lack of cutting edge: Man City Player Ratings vs. Liverpool (Champions League)

The Blues came crashing out of the Champion’s league as they faced a lesson in counter-attacking and clinical finishing.

Ederson – 4

In a game where Ederson faced a mere three shots on goal, he conceded two. While it could be said that the ‘keeper couldn’t have had much of a chance with either goal, he should have done better in smothering the ball prior to Salah’s goal. While his passing play was fine, we must focus on his goalkeeping ability first and foremost.

Kyle Walker – 4

Once again we have seen far too many mistakes from Walker. While he was involved in an assured start from the Blues, he was often the first to commit an error and either lose the ball or play a lazy pass, which led to us losing possession. He also tried to outpace the young Liverpool full-backs far too many times, which clearly didn’t work.

Nicolas Otamendi – 3

Otamendi is having quite a rough week. At the heart of our defence, we have looked for a leader. Instead, we have seen a defender that is often overly ambitious on the ball, leading to mistakes. After a few mix-ups at the back in a game that largely required little defending from City, Otamendi simply did not step up.

Aymeric Laporte – 6

For a player who is still earning the system, predominantly a centre-back, and inexperienced in the Champions League, I have been impressed with Laporte. A player who has shown that he clearly has skill, has shown a somewhat attacking mindset on the left side, and has not looked too out of place considering he is not in his preferred position.

Bernardo Silva – 7

Showing a fantastic touch and dribbling prowess, Bernardo had one of the best attempts of the game for us in a shot that came crashing off the post. Bernardo showed that, when called upon, he can prove to be a real threat to the opposition.

Kevin De Bruyne – 6

I cannot really fault De Bruyne’s effort. He tried all of the same moves that would usually come off this season. He provided some great switches of play, some passes and crosses which could have been turned into the Liverpool net.

Fernandinho – 6

It is a tough job trying to be the anchor of a midfield which sits in front of a makeshift defence such as tonight’s. While he tried to help provide some connecting passing plays, we have not seen Fernandinho have one of his finest nights in a City shirt. It is a tough task to sprint back and support the defence on the goals, and it doesn’t always work when you attempt to support the centre-backs.

David Silva – 3

A very disappointing night for the little magician. Many misplaced passes and general lack of cutting edge has let his performance down. However, we must remember of his personal troubles and the fact that he has been travelling back and forth to Valencia for months, which could finally play a part in his fatigue.

Leroy Sane – 7

Sane had a fantastic performance for about three quarters of tonight’s game. Were it not for the referee, he would have been on the scoresheet. He showed time and again that he can unlock the defence and cut in behind them, causing constant problems. His rating is only lowered for his troubles with staying onside, but it was his best performance of these last three losses.

Raheem Sterling – 8 (Man of the Match)

Like Sane, Sterling showed a fantastic amount of effort in tonight’s game. In being the catalyst for the first goal and then actually assisting it after winning the ball, he showed a real defiance in front of his old team. I have rated Sterling so highly purely on the fact that this was a performance that I believe showed that Sterling can overcome his problems that he has in playing against Liverpool. He was one of the main reasons that we could start on the right foot and give it our all at the beginning of the match.

Gabriel Jesus – 7

In the opening of the game, Jesus provided us with a glimmer of hope. It is hard to criticise him for doing exactly as he should: get in the right positions and finish his chances.


Sergio Aguero – N/A

It is hard to comment on a player that probably should have started the game, but was brought on too late to make any real impact. Aguero arguably came on too late and could not influence a game at a time where City had fallen flat.

Ilkay Gündogan – N/A

Much like Aguero, Gundogan was an uninspired substitution which had little to no effect on the game, especially as the match was all but done in terms of belief at this point.

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