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A tale of two centre-backs in derby defeat: Man City Player Ratings vs. Man United

Ederson – 6

Had very little to do for the majority of the game and in all fairness could do little to prevent the three that United scored. As usual his distribution was solid and controlled, although at longer ranges it was a little more wayward than we have been accustomed to.

Danilo – 6

It was a solid performance from the Brazilian. He contained United’s attack on his flank well and even made some promising attacking flurries that could have resulted in so much more with a little more luck.

Vincent Kompany – 7 (Man of the Match)

I’m sure Vincent will look back on today with a bittersweet taste in his mouth. On the one hand it’s yet another huge derby goal for him after such an extended struggle with injuries, but unfortunately it was all for nothing in the end.

Nicolas Otamendi – 3

There’s no shying away from the fact that Nico was heavily responsible for Pogba’s second goal and Smalling’s strike that followed. Poor awareness, poor marking and poor decision making cost him and the team dearly, resulting in one of the most embarrassing second halves in recent memory.

Fabian Delph – 5.5

Delph looked solid during the first half and was excellent in supporting both Sané and the midfield. As the game drew in his influence dwindled and ultimately he faded almost completely out of the game.

Fernandinho – 6.5

For most of the game Fernandinho was at his brilliantly disruptive best, thwarting any semblance of an attack that the opposition could muster. On top of that he controlled the midfield beautifully and served as the general at the base of City’s attack. As United’s influence grew he was unable to hold the same level of control. At least he got to take a swipe at Lingaard though.

Ilkay Gündogan – 6.5

Silky Ilkay was on full display in the first half. He was all over the midfield showcasing all of the deft touches and mazy dribbling he had in his locker. To top it off, he executed a marvelous swivel in the box to leave Matic for dead and place a shot perfectly into the far corner. Sadly for the German he was left stranded and powerless as United rallied in the second half.

David Silva – 5.5

It’s very rare to see a game where El Mago doesn’t have a huge influence – but today was one of them. Even when City were at their best it was Fernandinho and Gundogan at the heart of it with Silva somewhat on the periphery.

Bernardo Silva – 5

The Portuguese offered very little today. During City’s most dominant spell he showcased some nice touches and interplay but none of it was essential or penetrative. It was no surprise to see him be one of the first players to be substituted.

Raheem Sterling – 3

I’m aware that it’s very easy to pin this all on Sterling (Otamendi being equally culpable in this whole distaster) but you simply cannot miss a chance to put the game to bed. Even worse, when you get the opportunity to put it right – you have to do so, you cannot make the same mistake again. Nastiness aside, Sterling was absolutely electric in the first half. If he’d just managed to grab a couple of goals it could have been a performance that was talked of for a long time – but for good reasons instead of bad.

Leroy Sané – 5

Looked dangerous in the first half but struggled to get anything going outside of a few isolated incidents thereafter. The blame doesn’t lay solely with him though, Pep must look to alter his structure to provide better support instead of leaving him to try and beat two players on the wing all by himself.


Kevin De Bruyne – 5

The game had already descended into chaos by the time KDB was introduced. He was forced to work in a two man midfield with Fernandinho against a very deep and static defensive block and it ultimately bore little fruit. Should have been introduced earlier to exact some more control over the proceedings.

Gabriel Jesus – 5.5

Jesus looked lively when he came on with some nice interplay with Aguero et al around the edge of the box leading some to promising situations and blocked shots. The .5 is for hurling Ander Herrera to the floor and allowing me to vicariously vent my anger.

Sergio Agüero – 5.5

Much the same as Jesus, in that his movements and interplay caused problems for a deep United block and should have been rewarded with a very clear penalty. No dice unfortunately. The .5 is for not having his leg snapped by Ashley Young.

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