After more digs from the press, Man City’s game with Liverpool sells out well in advance

In recent days, Manchester City have been getting it again from corners of the press for allegedly ‘struggling’ to sell out their Champions League quarter-final second leg tie with Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium.

As always, when a City game doesn’t sell out immediately, the club are given this unique special attention that others tend not to receive as much, despite a strict criteria being in place that made it impossible to buy multiple tickets per person for example.

To further create an inflammatory tone, the Daily Mail added a photo of a sparse looking block at the Etihad Stadium… from the recent Argentina vs. Italy friendly.

In reality, the game only went to general sale a few days ago after the aforementioned criteria was relaxed, and has today sold out – just under two weeks before the match is scheduled.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

Once again it was a story created out of nothing by a press-pack that seems obsessed with empty seats, which has led to a viral belief that Manchester City fail to sell out games – which is factually wrong.

Manchester City, in the Premier League, have averaged 53,645 fans at home games this season, which is fairly close to capacity and brought down by many away allocations not selling out.

The truth is, City’s attendances are healthier than most clubs, and over 50,000 tickets are sold for the majority of games, with some drop-offs for cup ties as is normal with most Premier League clubs.

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