Manchester United vs. Manchester City – An easy title clincher?

The EPL season is already pretty much decided at the top of the table. Manchester City are not just way ahead of the pack, but also have the opportunity to clinch the season with a victory over United. Earning those bragging rights may be trickier than expected though – so which Manchester side has the best chance of winning? We’ll take a break from enjoying Cabaret Club online slots and compare the two teams head to head.

Which Side Has The Best Manager?

Pedigree is no guarantee of success. Both clubs enjoy being led by two of the best in the business. Starting with Pep Guardiola, City have the ultimate ‘modern day’ manager. Not just a crafty tactician, but also capable of motivating a team who could make the perfect World 11. The only downside is expectation and pressure. The Champions League effort could get in the way of a historic win, especially if Pep chooses to play a weakened side.

As for Mourinho, City are facing an expert when it comes to pulling a result out of nowhere. His football may neglect the qualities that City are trying so hard to encompass – flair, style, teamwork – but when it comes to defensive pragmatism, he’s the best in the business. Consider also that City are playing a very European style, when it comes to the rough and tumble of a domestic derby that could easily unravel

The City Squad

Two players for every position has never been better done. This is why they’ve sustained the title run so consistently. A squad that can win matches through rotation is a very rare thing. Pep enjoyed a 20+ year career with Barcelona under the exact same format, so it’s hardly surprising that a similar style and endless amounts of cash have helped continue this legacy.

That being said, there’s a very noticeable overreliance on the attacking flair players. Any team in the world will want for De Bruyne, Aguero, Silva and Sané – but they’re a bit too used to attacking. At the back, Kompany is starting to show a lack of pace and Mendy has yet to prove he’s capable of speedy cover. There’s a good chance that Man Utd could take advantage of this shaky back line.

The Man Utd Squad

Zlatan may have gone, but sheer firepower remains the reason why United have a chance on the break. Despite leading the goalscoring tables, Lokaku seems to still have to justify why he’s the best fox in the box in the EPL. Great in the air, with a knack for finishing anywhere within 18 yards, he’s the player who could pull off an upset.

Looking elsewhere, Manchester United have another couple of key advantages. Probably the best goalie in the world. De Gae performs superbly as a playmaker as well as a stopper. Very capable of making those key passes into midfield where Matic can create anything from nothing. If Sanchez finds a little form then anything could happen!

Who’s Going To Win?

Manchester derbies are always tricky to predict. It’s very difficult to look past City just due to their squad depth, but that’s also going to be dependent on big match temperament. Mourinho knows how to set a side up that looks like damage limitation, but very capable of hitting on the break. A sensible prediction would be a score draw or City victory. Either way, it’s going to be a fascinating match to follow.

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