“We want to be the club of the future”: Man City CEO Ferran Soriano outlines his vision for Blues

Manchester City chief executive officer Ferran Soriano has outlined his vision for Manchester City and how he wants the club to be perceived around the world.

The 50-year-old native of Barcelona was in Argentina and spoke to local reporters about his role at the club and more. He presented a clear, almost romantic view of how he envisions City to be perceived around the globe.

“We know it’ll take a while to change the story,” said Soriano. “A child becomes a fan for his family or because that team is successful at the time. And that child doesn’t change clubs anymore.

“We want to install ourselves in a way that children want to be fans of City.

“How will we compete? By positioning ourselves as the club of the future. We want to be known as the team that best plays football.

“We want City to be synonymous with a good game, with “beautiful football” as we say in England.

“When a team plays well it is said they ‘play like City’. What we want is to be successful, but playing well.”

Is this why they hired Pep Guardiola? Soriano’s answer was obvious.

“Pep is the coach that best represents the style and type of football we are looking for in our club.

“And we have players with the ability, such as Aguero and De Bruyne, among others, who can carry that idea forward.”

Soriano was also asked how City compare economically to the most powerful clubs in the world.

“We are very good. In the world ranking of clubs with the highest revenues, we are fourth behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

“We grew the most in recent years. But we are not satisfied. We want to be the best.”

Soriano used Sergio Aguero as an example of how City’s popularity has spread around the globe, particularly in Asia.

“If you could see the number of fans Kun has in Singapore, in Malaysia, you wouldn’t believe it. Everything is so globalised that in Asia, for example, Aguero is a symbol of our team as much as he is in England.”

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