Pep Guardiola vows to continue wearing yellow ribbon despite FA charge

Pep Guardiola has no intention of giving up his symbolic yellow ribbon, despite receiving an FA charge for wearing what they described as a ‘political message’.

Guardiola, who could face a fine or even a touchline ban, defied The FA by again sporting a ribbon at today’s Carabao Cup final against Arsenal. And he was joined by many of the traveling Blues who also wore yellow ribbons to show their support for the City boss.

Speaking after the match at his press conference, Pep said: “They [the FA] know I will wear it always. I can wear it somewhere else. UEFA have another opinion. They say you can wear it as long as it’s with respect. Here [in England] it’s different apparently.

“I have empathy for the people who have no freedom, those guys in Spain who are in jail. They haven’t been proven guilty. Anyone can be in that situation. Before being a football manager I am a human being and this is for humanity.

“There are four guys in prison and other guys, they don’t have weapons, just votes in the ballot. I said this is always with me and it always will be until the last.

“I will accept whatever they [the FA] decide about my behaviour. It’s not a lack of respect, it’s being part of humanity.”

Guardiola has until 6pm on Monday 5 March 2018 to respond to his FA charge.

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