Spotlight on Sergio Agüero: Manchester City’s Golden Boot

Argentine, Sergio Agüero is Manchester City’s main man.  He’s shattered the club’s all-time goal record; is currently lying third behind Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard as the best-ever Premier league goalscorer and is tipped by some of the luminaries of the game as an all-out star.

So who is Sergio Agüero, what makes him so special and how does he stack up against the rest of boys? 

Kun the Unstoppable

‘Kun’ as he’s known by his nearest and dearest, has football in his genes.  At 15 years of age he became the youngest ever player to run out for the Argentine Primera Division, bettering a record set by Diego Maradonna. 

But the lure of big money and the big leagues prompted the talented young striker to sign for Atletico Madrid where he scored 101 goals in 234 appearances.  During his five year spell with the Spanish club, he won the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.  He also claimed an Olympic gold and two FIFA under 20 World Cups playing for the country of his birth!

The Man City Multi-Million Pound Fee

In 2011 he transferred his sublime talents to the Etihad for an undisclosed sum of money….thought to be in the range of £30 to £40 million.  With that kind of cash changing hands, the young centre forward from Buenos Aires must have thought he’d won the progressive jackpot at a network-linked online casino

Agüero quickly proved his worth.  In his debut season the stockily built striker was key to City’s first Premier League title in 44 long and humiliating years.  Not only did he score the league clincher, the man who is fast becoming a legend has broken and set a number of all-time records.

His goal per minute ratio is a jaw dropping one goal every 106 minutes, he shares the record for the most goals scored in a match – with five – and is the fastest ever to pull of the ‘five-for’ football feat.  In short, he’s a striker on steroids!

Sergio the Striker on Steroids

Agüero is currently rated one of the best strikers in the world.  His pace, positioning and goal scoring ability – both in and outside the zone – are some of his most formidable attributes.  So too is his invaluable ability to score equally strongly and accurately with both feet.  Factor in instinctive tactical intelligence, agility and vision and Kun is indeed unstoppable on the ball.

His quickness, calmness and perfect positioning in the area has prompted pundits to favourably compare him to football greats like countryman Carlos Teves and the legendary Brazilian striker Romário.

And now that he features prominently as one of the best-ever goal scorers of all-time, it won’t be too long before he’ll be the benchmark for rising young stars to emulate on the field.

Let’s take a look at how the Golden Boot of Manchester City fairs when compared with the top scorers of the big four Premier League clubs – Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

How Does Agüero Compare with Big Four All-Time Goal Scorers?

As one of the top scorers for his club – not only of the Premier League but of all-time – Sergio Agüero is in great company.  He shares the podium with some of the biggest names in the game.  Legends like Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and Harry Kane are the yardstick against which Kun’s goal statistics are measured.

So here’s the breakdown of the top scorers in the league:

1. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney – 183
2. Chelsea’s Frank Lampard – 147 
3. Sergio  Agüero of Manchester City – 139 goals in just 201 appearances
4. Robbie Fowler of Liverpool FC – 128 
5. Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur –  98

As for the best ever all-time goal scorers, Sergio Agüero has claimed the kudos for his 178 ‘not out’ for his club.  He’s eclipsed players like Eric Brook (177), Tony Johnson (166), Colin Bell (153) and Joe Hayes (152), all of whom played for Manchester City more than three decades ago.

On the all-time scorer scene, Kun has a bit of catching up to do.  He has scored 193 goals in 283 appearances at Manchester City, statistics that lag behind Chelsea’s Frank Lampard (211), Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney (253), Tottenham Hotspur’s Jimmy Greaves (266) and Liverpool’s Ian Rush (348)!

What does the Future Hold for Start Striker Sergio Agüero?

At 29 years of age, Sergio Agüero still has plenty of running in him.  He is likely to dramatically improve on his goals tally especially with second striker, Gabriel Jesus still sidelined with a knee injury.  The only dark spot in the super striker’s future is his reported unhappiness playing under manager, Pep Guardiola.

Despite rumours of discontent, unfair treatment and a possible transfer, Guardiola has publicly handed out platitudes to his star performer, platitudes adequately captured in a recent quote by the manager; “We are so happy with what he has done; Sergio is on fire in this period.”  

That doesn’t sound like the coach is dissatisfied with the way Kun has conducted himself on the field.  Having said that, the acid test will be when Jesus makes his long awaited return.  It’s clear that using a sole striker is best suited to the way Guardiola wants to play, so someone will have to warm the bench!

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