Watch: “We’re 16 in front you Portuguese…” Man City fans savagely troll Jose Mourinho and Man United

Life is good for Manchester City and its fans right now. The Premier League title seems a question of when rather than if at this point, with a 16 point gap and just 11 games to go. It would take a monumental cock-up even bigger than United’s in 2011/12 to blow it from here – which seems unlikely with the perfectionist Pep Guardiola in charge.

It’s the moments like this fans cherish as things change quickly in football. And City’s away dayers decided to rub it in with another song about Jose Mourinho and Manchester United tonight in Basel ahead of the Shark Team’s 4-0 demolition of a side that beat United 1-0 on the same ground some months back.

The latest song goes: “Mourinho, are you listening, to the song that we’re singing, we’re 16 in front, you Portuguese c**t, walking in a City wonderland…”

It wouldn’t even be accurate to say Man United are in City’s shadow at this moment, with the gap so big there’s a mile of space between the two sides, and it’s safe to say that Blues are enjoying it:

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