Pep Guardiola reveals why City wouldn’t match Man United’s £500,000/week offer to Alexis Sanchez

Pep Guardiola has revealed that stability is the reason Manchester City refused to meet the financial demands of Alexis Sanchez, who is set to join Manchester United on a wage that, with image rights and bonuses, could rise above £500,000-a-week.

“I move forward and look for another solution because the stability of the club is the most important thing,” Pep said in the embargoed portion of his pre-Newcastle press conference.

“We try to be stable with the wages of the players because I think it’s good for the team and stability of the club.

“We’ve spent a lot of money, we can’t deny that. But in my period at Barcelona, my period at Bayern Munich and now here, I never pushed or pressured the club to say ‘I want those players’ when the club believes and says it’s too much. The stability of the club is the most important thing.”

To put into perspective the risk City would have taken meeting Alexis’ demands, Kevin De Bruyne is reported to be close to signing a £200,000-a-week contract extension, most likely one that could rise above that with bonuses.

To pay Alexis Sanchez a basic wage of over £300,000-a-week, potentially rising to £500,000-a-week, could disrupt the squad harmony Pep Guardiola has worked hard to build. City’s squad is known to be very tight-knit and the team spirit has led to record-breaking form through a brutal fixture pile-up.

Guardiola said he would “look for another solution”, with the Manchester City board expected to back his pursuit of an elite level alternative to the Manchester United-bound Alexis Sanchez in the summer – but not one who will earn half a million pound each week.

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