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City Watch Podcast EXCLUSIVE: Manchester City want to sign RB Leipzig star

Earlier today, the City Watch Podcast was pleased to welcome Manuel Veth on to the show to discuss City’s number one midfield target Fred in detail.

Manuel also provided a potentially big scoop, revealing that City are not only interested in, but hope to sign one of RB Leipzig’s most talented players.

Veth told us that Marcel Sabitzer, Leipzig’s 23-year-old Austrian international midfielder, is on Pep Guardiola’s agenda.

“I’m not saying that you are going to get him, I’m saying that City is a club that has voiced a strong interest to Marcel Sabitzer and want him,” Manuel told us.

“Marcel Sabitzer is a fantastic player. He was just voted by Kicker as the best attacking midfielder in the Bundesliga. That’s not a small feat at all.

“When you look at his stats, you will sort of think, well, his stats aren’t sort of crazy outstanding.

“But it’s his workrate. He plays in a team with Naby Keita, who likes to join the rush. So you have one of your defensive midfielders joining the rush, which then means that Sabitzer often has to drop back and fill that hole. So he is an attacking midfielder with enormous workrate and very strong defensive-minded tactical sense.”

Learn more about City’s interest in Sabitzer as well as midfield target Fred and other topics on today’s City Watch Podcast Transfer Special:

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