Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker reaches out to young footballer

Manchester City player Kyle Walker has hit the headlines after making a brilliant gesture to a young footballer. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of the dad of the young teenager who has been wracked by self-doubt received a special inspirational message from Kyle, the Man City and England right-back.

Twitter Video Inspires Teen

Kyle Walker was featured in an inspirational video that was posted on Twitter, in which he explained how he nearly quit football when he was just fifteen years of age because he wasn’t sure if he was good enough and he was missing out on having a social life.

A follower on Twitter commented stating that his own fifteen year old was going through the same thing and having doubts about a football career. Walker responded and the 27 year old who has 30 England caps, said, “Tell him to believe in himself, work hard and don’t give up. Happy to speak to him on the phone if that would be helpful? Let me know! KW”

The dad replied, and who wouldn’t, by saying, “Thanks for the kind message when we showed Joe it helped him to talk how he was feeling about football. Cheers. Ps my wife’s new fav player.”

Walker also took the time to respond once more with: “No problem. It’s good to talk. Football is an emotional sport with ups and downs. Good look to Joe! Keep believing!”

What Walker Had To Say

The inspirational video that sparked this amazing show of kindness, told how Man City player, Walker himself nearly quit football as a teenager at Sheffield United, but his mum had told him to give it a real go. When the Blades got promoted to the Premiership, Walker landed a scholarship with the club.

He said, “I don’t think if they had staying in the Championship, I’d have got one, because they had a bigger budget to give to scholarships at that age. They gave 13 out and I was the 14 one to get one. If I did pack it in, and didn’t take the advice of my mum by giving it one shot, I really don’t know what I would be doing.”

Walker’s amazing act of kindness has earned him a lot of praise including praise from one City fan who called himself BeardardoSilva, who said, “What a guy credit to the club Kyle. All players go through that stage of thinking it might not happen but it’s ones who stick to it.”

How Much Would You Pay For That Call?

In future years, this act of kindness will probably been seen as one of the top moments in this boy’s life and there are probably hundreds and thousands of teens and adults alike that would pay handsomely for a phone call from Kyle Walker or to receive words of encouragement from the England star himself.

When you think of it, there are probably a lot of people out there that could do with words of encouragement from those they look up to and support in football or any other sport that they are looking to become a professional at. Self-doubt is a huge thing when you are fighting towards you dream and to have your peers encourage you and tell you not to give up is amazing no matter where in the world you live. A positive message, a phone call, even a tweet can do so much good and we can imagine that for Canadian players and England players alike there were be many who would be willing to pay quite a lot to receive that phone call from Kyle Walker and we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the online bookies actually taking bets and releasing odds on the probability of it happening. Ladbrokes has odds on whether Kyle would leave Tottenham for Man City as did most of the top online sportsbooks during the transfer window.

The current odds for Manchester City to win the Premiership stand at 1/8, and odds of 1/200 for a top 4 finish. They have odds of 200/1 to finish in the bottom 10, odds of 7/2 to finish outside of the top 4, and to be relegated from the Premiership League, their odds stand at 2500/1. Betting on the next manager to leave their post is also available at PaddyPower and the odds for Pep Guardiola to leave by resigning or getting sacked are set at 100/1.

Kyle Walker Premier League Stats

Kyle Walker, just 27 years of age, has made 209 appearances in the Premier League and scored 5 goals. He has assisted with 22 goals and has been part of 117 wins and 39 losses so far. He has created 21 big chances for his teams with 597 crosses. He has 65 clean sheets and has conceded 212 goals. Throughout his premier league career, he has received 36 yellow cards and 1 red card. He has had 187 fouls and 13 offsides.

Kyle’s performances for Manchester City have been superb so far this season and many would see it as £45 million well spent. There were a lot of eyebrows raising when Pep Guardiola paid this much to secure the England international. He has been in excellent form and when asked about it he said there is a lot of technical work with Man City whereas with Tottenham there was a lot of gym work. Walker spend either years at Tottenham and said, “Spurs were the ones that gave me my Premier League Opportunity. They believed in me. I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t tough, having spent eight years there, that club is in my heart.”

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