Sergio Aguero raises new confusion about Man City contract status with interview in Argentina

Sergio Aguero has reiterated his desire to return to Independiente when his Manchester City contract ends, but there remains confusion about his contract status.

Speaking to TyC Sports in Argentine, Kun said: “The idea has always been to go back to Independiente when my City contract ends.”

The confusion here is that while Pep Guardiola suggested Aguero had extended his contract to 2020 in January, reports in his homeland are still listing 2019 as the expiration date.

“He has already signed a contract extension (until 2020), I think,” Pep said in January when quizzed about it.

Aguero recently contradicted that idea, saying, “I don’t know, I don’t remember. 2019 I think, I will have to go and check again now.”

Lucas Scagliola is considered very reliable on all things Aguero and his own information last year was that Aguero had renewed until 2020 but if he tells Guardiola that he wants to leave in 2019, he’d have an option to do so.

Lucas insisted again today that Kun is out of contract in 2020, and referenced his tweets from 2016 that the Argentine icon has an exit clause in 2019 if he wants to use it.

Given that we’re still in 2017, it isn’t a big issue yet, but it still isn’t certain when Sergio Aguero will return to Independiente – 2019 or 2020? His remarks earlier today did little to clear up the confusion.

Sergio Aguero became Manchester City’s all-time record goalscorer with his goal against Napoli.

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