Watch: The ‘Total Football’ goal that shows Manchester City are now truly a Pep Guardiola side

Pep Guardiola received plenty of criticism last season when, and the man himself will admit it, he endured a difficult debut campaign in the Premier League. With players slowly adjusting to his complex style of play, Juego de Posición, and several, in particular an ageing group of full-backs, simply unable to respond to the demands of Pep, City finished the season potless.

But even last season, the potential of what Pep was trying to build could be seen in flashes. And after another pre-season and some well-scouted acquisitions, now Manchester City truly resemble a consistent Pep Guardiola side.

It has been evident all season to date, but one goal against Stoke City really exemplified the influence Pep Guardiola has had on Manchester City. It was Raheem Sterling’s goal, one which began at the back and saw players pass and move the ball with Kevin De Bruyne’s reverse pass to Leroy Sané just stunning. From there, Sané squared it to Raheem and he precisely struck the ball into the net. It was truly Total Football.

It really is a goal worth watching over and over again, and here it is (courtesy of @colin_cranmer on Twitter):

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