Things you should remember when placing in-play football bets

Considering the popularity of football, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are a good number of in-play football betting markets provided by sports books. You can avail hundreds of different odds on every single football match from various competitions and leagues throughout the world. For instance, you can bet on the next team to win, the corner kick, the number of goals scored, the next player to get sent-off, the next goal scorer and so on. Furthermore, considering that a large number of online sports books offer live coverage of all these football matches, bettors can always follow the action in real-time. Although football tips from reputed services can be of great help, you should always keep certain important facts in mind when placing any in-play football bets. Let’s go over some of them below:

The timing of the goals

Different football teams have different strategies when it comes to attacking and defending in a football match. While a top team playing a home game may look to score at least 2 goals before the half-time, a weaker team playing an away game might prefer defending for the first 80 minutes, and then go all out in the last 10 minutes of the match.

Pay heed to the occasion

A football match may pan out very differently depending on the occasion. In general, big-stage cup matches like the finals and semifinals are often cagey affairs, ending up no better than the 0 – 0 at the half-time. Such matches may feature better odds on the match result and the next goalscorer markets, as the game progresses. On the other hand, the local league matches are often feisty affairs involving several red and yellow cards.

Never get carried away

If you’re a big football fan watching a live event, it might get very hard for you to not get emotionally involved in the game. However, you must remember that live in-play football betting is all about application of objective reasoning and pre-match statistics with every passing minute of the game. It might not make a lot of sense to back an underdog just because you’re feeling little greedy and/or want some poetic justice!

Bet only when you see good value

Good in-play football betting has a lot to do with your ability to spot betting value at different points of a match. In popular events involving a lot of betting activity, bookmakers might prefer to change their odds so as to cover for last moment money rush and liability margins; often resulting in low-value odds. On the other hand, you can consistently find excellent betting value if you specialise in some niche football league.

It’s all about timing!

Always remember that the so-called live feeds of football matches are delayed by a few seconds, implying that you may not always be up to speed with the actual happenings on the field. This often gives bookmakers a good opportunity to shut down markets, and come up with fresh odds. You must place your bets keeping this in mind.

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