Sergio Agüero ‘can’t move in his own house’ and is ‘bad emotionally’ says Argentina club doctor

Sergio Agüero is in a bad way mentally and incapacitated by a rib injury following a car crash in Amsterdam, Argentina national team doctor Donato Villani has revealed.

Speaking to the microphones of TyC Sports in his homeland, Villani said, “Agüero is bad emotionally.

“Because of another (person), he is out of two matches (for Argentina).

“He can’t even move in his own house.”

Despite reports of Agüero splitting with his girlfriend, the other person Villani is likely referring to is the taxi driver, who was driving at a high speed leading to the crash that has sidelined Agüero for a while.

The City superstar could return as soon as the match against Stoke following the international break according to reports, but Villani fears it could be six weeks in total until Agüero is back.

Agüero’s father Leonel del Castillo told the press that his son came very close to a potentially much worse fate than injured ribs.

“The taxi was driving very fast, Kun asked him to slow down, put on his seat belt and crashed instantly.

“He was lucky. They put him on painkillers, he was released and taken to Manchester.”

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