UEFA will not investigate Manchester City after La Liga request FFP investigation

Manchester City will NOT be investigated by UEFA after a request by Liga de Fútbol Profesional (La Liga), bitter about losing one of their top stars in the form of Neymar, that both City and PSG be looked into.

In a statement made to The Associated Press, league president Javier Tebas says that Manchester City, funded by Abu Dhabi, and PSG, owned by Qatar, are benefiting from state aid which “distorts European competitions” and “is irreparably harming the football industry.”

However, according to a number of sources including the BBC and Goal, UEFA have no intention of launching an investigation as it stands.

La Liga asked UEFA to focus on revenues allegedly being boosted from sponsorships in ‘certain countries’, referring of course to the United Arab Emirates/Abu Dhabi (City) and Qatar (PSG).

However, as City have been working closely with UEFA ever since being sanctioned, there is probably nothing they have to answer for that they already don’t, and this may just be a case of a jealous and spiteful Javier Tebas lashing out after seeing his league lose Neymar.

Now just imagine if they lost Messi to Manchester City…

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