Sky Sports make incredible Alexis Sanchez/Raheem Sterling claim that turns the story 180°

Since the initial report this morning that Raheem Sterling could go to Arsenal as part of a deal to bring Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City, almost every possible variation of the story has surfaced.

In the end, it appears that City do not want to relinquish Raz or Sergio Aguero, another Arsenal wouldn’t mind going the other way, and would prefer to pay a big cash sum.

The latest report has spun the original story 180-degrees though, with Sky Sports now receiving information that Arsenal would be willing to pay a fee and Alexis Sanchez to sign Sterling.

Bearing in mind that the original stories were Sterling-plus-cash, this is quite a turnaround. But the suspicion is that the Sterling stories originated from the Arsenal camp, suggesting they have a serious interest in signing the 22-year-old, City’s saviour in our last two Premier League games.

To simplify that, if what Sky sources are saying is true, Manchester City would pay nothing for Alexis Sanchez, Pep Guardiola’s main attacking target, and would also receive a fee for Raheem Sterling.

Even with that offer on the table, Pep Guardiola is unlikely to want Sterling to leave the club. Sky Sports also state that the City boss is unwilling to even consider the idea of letting Sergio Aguero head to the Emirates as part of a deal for Alexis.

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