Sergio Aguero says he did not hit a steward and video evidence proves the steward is a liar

In the chaos that ensued at the end of Bournemouth vs. Manchester City, there was an incident involving Sergio Aguero where he saw a young City fan being pinned down by heavy-handed stewards. The steward has since claimed that he was hit by Aguero, but footage has emerged showing he, quite frankly, is lying.

As the video shows, Aguero is concerned about the treatment of the City fan, Zack Weir, and receives a small shove from the steward then gives what can barely be called a shove back. He is ushered away by a police officer, who he argues with out of concern for Zack.

City are said to have reviewed the video evidence and concluded that Aguero has nothing to answer for. But will there be any punishment for a power-hungry steward blatantly lying to try and get Kun in trouble?

Aguero has taken to Twitter in recent minutes to say the statement is false and video evidence proves it – which it certainly does.

It seems that Kun was merely concerned at football fans being treated with unnecessary aggression, as they so often are around the country. And if anything, the City forward should be applauded, not punished, for showing genuine concern for the young Manchester City fan.

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