Great Android Apps for Man City Fans

As one of the most dominant premier league football teams, we want to give our readers access to as much Man City info as possible. This post is for all of the Android users out there and we decided to try and track down some of the best mobile apps for Man City fans! We found some interesting options and they are all free to download from the Google Play Store!

CityApp – This is the big one folks and as the official app for Manchester City fans, it has everything that you would hope for from an app of this calibre. There are news articles, videos, interviews, fixtures, results and much more. It is of a high standard and a must have for any Android user that supports Manchester City. The video content is excellent and as a news resource, we highly recommend it.

Fifa 17 Companion – A lot of our readers as well as being fans of our great club are also big Xbox One or Playstation 4 Fifa players. The Fifa 17 Companion app is perfect for those that like to keep up to date with their game accounts. You can check your ultimate team, purchase and spend coins, build your squad as well as access the transfer market. It’s an excellent choice for the Fifa enthusiasts out there.

Goal Finger – Another mobile gaming app that is hugely popular and tonnes of fun. Goal Finger is one of our favourites and it is a simultaneous turn-based game that can be played solo or with others. Use the menu to select your game settings and then you can begin to play the game and hopefully score some goals.

Slot Games – These games are everywhere these days and help you to win while you’re waiting around for a game to start. Slot games like Football Star and Champions Cup are football themed and offer a lot of excitement. Check out this slot game collection for mobile if you’re interested in playing mobile slots and table games on the move.

Man City FC Striker Challenge – This one is for a bit of fun and it can be found on various mobile casinos as well as the Google Play Store. It’s a classic arcade game and although it is pretty basic it’s still great fun for those looking for something light-hearted and easy to play while out and about. It’s a great pocket-sized companion and is a great alternative to games such as blackjack or mobile slots.

Manchester City Manager ’17 – Think of this app as a mini Football Manager but specifically for Man City fans. It uses licensed players and it is totally free to download and play. We found it really addictive so if you’re a fan of fantasy games then this is another excellent option for Android users. It could be considered a “freemium” app with in-app purchases available for those looking to play the game seriously.

Manchester City News – This is another that focuses solely on Man City. It is an unofficial app that you can find on the Google Play Store. It focuses mostly on providing the latest news from all things Man City and it finds news from reputable sources such as Sky Sports and the club itself. It’s great for a read on the train or bus and you can also easily access player’s Twitter accounts from this app as well.

Manchester City FC Keyboard – The last one on our list is a quality-of-life app for your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s an official application that gives you a Manchester City branded keyboard to type with. It’s a bit silly but will definitely appeal to the super-fans out there. If you’re looking to jazz up your phone a little bit then this is a great shout and is also free to download as well.
Enjoy these fantastic apps the next time you’re on your way to a match!

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