Revealed: PSG to hand £230,000-a-week to Dani Alves, DOUBLE what City offered

“I do not play football for money, I play football because I love this profession and respect those who are part of it.”

These were the words of Dani Alves when he penned an emotional farewell message to Juventus fans after having his contract rescinded by the Serie A club.

The reason for that was because he wanted to pursue his dream of playing in the Premier League while he still could – and even at the age of 34, there are no doubts that Alves is still a high-level player capable of performing in any league.

However, Alves’ reasons for this decision are certainly in doubt, with various sources, including Sky Sports and Martin Blackburn of The Sun, reporting that PSG trumped City by offering Alves an enormous £230,000-a-week salary.

When Alves verbally agreed to join City, it was with an understanding that he would earn £115,000-a-week at the Etihad, literally half of what he will now make at the Parc des Princes. He was to be Pep Guardiola’s second-choice right-back, assuming a deal for Kyle Walker was completed.

Financially, Alves has made the smart move, but his comments about money prove that while he is a first-class footballer, his words to Juventus fans were quite meaningless.

City are now focusing on Kyle Walker, but the two clubs remain £10million apart in valuations, with the Blues yet to improve a £40million bid for the England right-back.

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1 Comment

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