Manchester City Summer 2017 Transfer Betting Tips

As with all major clubs this time of the year, Manchester City have been the subject of excessive summer transfer rumours and speculation. After Real Madrid claimed the Champions League title a few days ago, the football season has come to an end, which means the summer transfer season is here at last. And with that comes the inevitable questions regarding signings and departures at each of the top Premier League clubs. No club is perfect, and each of the six top teams in the League will need to take steps to improve their squad and performance for the upcoming season. The good thing is that none of the top teams is shy to throw some money around, which makes things even more interesting. When it comes to sports betting, the summer transfer season is as hot as the actual league matches, with many of the top bookmakers as well as new betting sites offering the latest football betting odds and markets. Here we take a look at Manchester City, one of the leading Premier League clubs, where they stand, how much they are willing to spend and who they have their eyes on. In this way, you can get a good idea of where to spend your money during the summer transfer betting season.

The current state of the squad

The current squad is not in the best standing, although manager Pep Guardiola is certainly the right man to help whip the team into shape. A skilled midfielder himself, Pep is often recognised as one of the best players of his generation so he really knows what the team needs to excel come next season. Since taking over as manager in 2016, Manchester City haven’t fared that well, with Guardiola facing his worst run of form in his entire managerial career. With his three-year contract nearly half way through, he will no doubt be trying his best to score some impressive transfers this season.

How much will they spend?

As mentioned above, Guardiola will definitely look at spending big money to get the best players to join the team at Etihad. He is a dream manager for City and they will back him up in all of his decisions. The team have already agreed a deal for Monaco’s Bernardo Silva for a tidy sum of £43 million and have also agreed on a £40 million deal for Benfica’s goalkeeper Ederson. In addition to those hefty payouts, the team will probably shell out another £200 million on top-level signings, which means City have been handed around £300 million to spend on transfers alone.

What are the team’s weak spots?

City has certainly suffered when it comes to goalkeepers, although the deal with Ederson should solve that problem. Attacking areas are not an issue with City, but the team does need to focus on full-backs as well as a disciplined defensive midfielder.

Who are they targeting?

City seem to be making a play for Monaco this summer, with many fans and insiders speculating that a deal with Benjamin Mendy as their new left-back is all but finalised. Kyle Walker is also rumoured to be ready for a move to the Etihad once City complete a transfer deal for him, with Dani Alves being the second option. What’s more, manager Pep Guardiola is said to be interested in Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, although this one will be difficult to pull off.

Who could be leaving?

A good number of the exits have already taken place, although there is word that Kelechi Iheanacho could be on his way out as West Ham have shown a £20 million interest in the striker. Eliaquim Mangala could also be off to Newcastle, while all players who spent time out on loan will be allowed to leave the Etihad.

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