Video: Kolo Touré reveals… and sings his favourite song about him (you know the one, City fans)

Kolo Touré has revealed the one song from all the clubs he has been at that is his favourite… and it should come as no surprise that it’s the ‘Kolo/Yaya’ chant, the epic anthem that Manchester City fans created before it became a viral hit, sweeping throughout nightclubs and party venues across Europe.

After accidentally revealing himself to be a huge fan of Whitney Houston, Kolo admitted that he still loves the anthem about he and his younger brother Yaya.

And to those who may not know it, the 36-year-old former City defender then gave a personal rendition of the song!

It’s rarely heard at the Etihad these days, with Kolo long gone (and Yaya possibly soon to depart after an unforgettable stay), but this creation of City fans has become one of the biggest football tunes in recent memory.

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