Manchester City star and former manager at centre of fraud scam

Former Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini and current midfield talisman David Silva are at the centre of a fraud scam as they were conned out of £130,000 and £20,000 respectively, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Jonathan Reuben posed as David Silva across 4 branches of his bank in order to withdraw £20,000 from David Silva’s accounts.

Reuben, otherwise known as Jonathon Davies, rung Pellegrini’s bank in order to order a replacement bank card. After passing security checks, the fraudster was able to order a new debit card and transfer nearly £100,000 cash from the manager’s account. Reuben used the new debit card 23 times and signed numerous withdrawal slips imposing Manuel Pellegrini, before attempting to buy a £27,000 watch.

Pellegrini found out about the fraud when he went to pay for a meal in a restaurant after his card was declined as it was no longer active. David Silva was made aware of the withdrawals from his account via text alerts.

The conman has now been sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud, but says he doesn’t feel bad about who he targeted because they ‘could afford it’.

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