Manchester City wage bill lower than BOTH Manchester United and Chelsea

Manchester City is full of mercenaries, say the Manchester United and Chelsea fans. Our players only come for money, they said, their players are paid more they never said.

According to a report by the Daily Express, Manchester City rank third in terms of salary costs in the Premier League, trailing behind both Chelsea and Manchester United.

Chelsea top the bill with a massive £217 million going on the wages of players, with Manchester United coming in at second with £204 million. Then in third is Manchester City, with a bill of £194 million.

Manchester City are trailed closely by Arsenal in their usual fourth spot, whilst Liverpool come in at fifth. Spurs have the lowest out of the top six, with a wage bill of £109 million.

The Daily Express featured the top six in the report, and this is how they stand:

1) Chelsea – £217 million
2) Manchester United – £204 million
3) Manchester City – £194 million
4) Arsenal – £192 million
5) Liverpool – £167 million
6) Tottenham Hotspur – £109 million

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