Revealed: Manchester City launch raid on Barcelona academy for three of La Masia’s best

Manchester City are attempting to prise away three of Barcelona’s most gifted young academy players, according to SPORT.

Gifted trio Pablo Moreno, Ansu and Nico have firm offers to join the Manchester City academy, with dizzying numbers on offer that Barça cannot hope to match. They could earn €80,000, €100,000 and €120,000 per year in their first three seasons at City, compared to €15,000, €18,000 and €21,000 if they remain at La Masia.

In addition to paying the teenagers handsomely, all school fees would be covered, which includes a small economic bonus that goes beyond €1,000 per month.

Residence costs for the three are also covered by City, plus 10 trips per year for families, airline costs and all. In short, nothing is left to chance when City bring in youngsters to the academy.

The three players in question who could soon swap Barcelona for Manchester are:

Anssumane ‘Ansu’ Fati (born October 31, 2002), considered one of Barça’s ‘greatest jewels’. He has recovered from a serious injury and is demonstrating talent that few others have. He is known at the club for playing above his age group and performing very well with the older boys.
Pablo Moreno (born May 3, 2002), a striker with a spectacular scoring record who the club snatched from Granada for the Cadete A team. Like Ansu, he is considered one of the club’s greatest talents of the 2002 generation.
Nico González (born January 3, 2002), son of Deportivo legend Fran González, who is reported to have already joined City in a coaching capacity. Nico joined Barcelona from Galician side Montañeros and has been playing a defensive midfield role due to his good positioning and intelligence.

Pablo Moreno, Ansu, Nico are three of five players considered good enough to play in higher age groups. The other two, Abel Ruiz and Moriba ‘Ilaix’ Kourouma, are considered safe from the hands of Manchester City, but there is unrest and fear at the Catalan club that three of their greatest academy talents could soon be on their way to the Etihad Stadium.

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