How much does it cost to follow your team?

According to a report by the BBC, Manchester City fans pay the lowest amount per home goal they see.

How much does it cost you to watch your team? Obviously, depending on where you are in the stadium, your ticket prices will vary. City’s season ticket prices aren’t priced too badly considering the stars on show and the man on the sidelines, add that to the option of paying by direct debit for no extra fee and you’ve got yourself a bargain.

Of course, buying tickets on the day of the game or individually can be a bit more expensive than purchasing a season ticket at the start of the campaign, and City’s individual tickets are sometimes outrageously priced. However, on the other hand, sometimes they are brilliantly priced, it all depends on the occasion. Manchester City’s match-day tickets are generally priced 20% above league average, which isn’t necessarily awful for the football on show compared the lower down the league:

match day ticket

Looking at season ticket prices, the cheapest available at the Etihad Stadium is 37% below the league average (South Stand Level 3), whereas the best seats in the house cost around £900, which is 4% above the league average.

season ticket

How does that compare across the rest of the league?

The cheapest season ticket at Manchester City is actually the fourth lowest in the league, with only Hull City, West Ham United and Stoke City bettering the £299 offer. You can actually get a season ticket at City for less than the cheapest at Burnley, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Swansea City and more! The lowest at City is also considerably lower than those at Manchester United, Liverpool Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, for arguably a better seat.

season ticket league

City fans pay the least in the league per home goal, which works out at around £6.36 per goal – a figure much less than that at Manchester United, Liverpool Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal. In fact, poor old Arsenal fans have to pay around £32.71 per home goal despite topping the league, although that may be something to do with the incredibly high season ticket prices.

cost per goal

If you were to sit in level 3 of the South Stand and pay £299 for a season ticket, then you’d pay just 0.00034% of Paul Pogba’s transfer fee – bargain, ey?

Credit to the BBC for preparing the statistics.

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