Safe standing in the Premier League moves closer with Manchester City in support

Safe standing in the Premier League could finally be getting closer after it emerged that top-flight clubs will debate its introduction for the first time at a meeting next week.

According to an exclusive report by The Times, almost all Premier League clubs are now in favour of pushing ahead with moves to bring in flexible rail seating, allowing fans to stand but able to be lowered for Champions League games, when all-seaters are demanded.

Scottish champions Celtic have successfully trialled railed seating for almost 3,000 fans this season, and although it would probably need government backing to change the legislation brought in after the Hillsborough disaster, top English clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are in support and prepared to lend their influence.

If safe standing was to be introduced to the Etihad Stadium, the South Stand – which already hosts the singing section in blocks 111 and 114-119 – would be be a candidate to host it.

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