Kevin De Bruyne: I don’t care why I didn’t impress Jose Mourinho

Kevin De Bruyne has spoken about his current boss Pep Guardiola and his decision to leave Chelsea.

Speaking to FourFourTwo, Kevin De Bruyne has opened up about his decision to leave Chelsea, stating that he “doesn’t care” why he didn’t impress Jose Mourinho.

De Bruyne said: “I’ve no idea and I don’t care [why he never won over Mourinho]. I waited four months, then I said to myself that wanted to play football every week. I couldn’t get the game time I wanted, so leaving was the obvious choice.

“I wanted to start a new chapter – not be loaned out and come back to the exact same situation. It was a really smart move on my part. But of all the choices I have made in my career, I don’t regret one of them – even going to Chelsea. It didn’t work out. I wanted to play football; I didn’t; so I left.”

Kevin De Bruyne has become central to Manchester City’s plans since joining from Wolfsburg and has won numerous accolades, with some suggesting he is possibly the best player in the league, however he insists he only cares about trophies: “I’m not thinking about being the best player in the league,” he says. “I want to win titles. That’s more important.”

The former Chelsea forward also spoke about Pep Guardiola and gave a little insight how the manager treats his players: “It’s not like he [Guardiola] has changed a lot – football is still football – but it’s his eye for detail that counts.

“Not everybody goes full length on every detail, but he does. All the little things, like physical work, injury prevention and diet, he does to get people fitter.

“When he speaks to me, we speak about everything. It is not always football: he also speaks about family and life out of football. It’s not always ‘focus, focus’.

“He was a player himself so he’s very good at knowing the balance of when to joke and when to be serious. Before a game he’ll be really quiet: he does his meetings a couple of hours before the match, and then we are doing stuff on our own. By then, everybody knows what we need to do.”

The full interview can also be read on FourFourTwo.

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