“Pep’s goal in Manchester City is very, very ambitious.” Martí Perarnau talks to City Watch

Much has been written on the subject of Manchester City’s new manager, Pep Guardiola, with many journalists attempting to second-guess what goes through the mind of one of the most intriguing and successful managers of recent history.

One journalist however, has been given an unprecedented level of access into the life and work of Guardiola. Martí Perarnau spent a year shadowing Pep during his time at Bayern Munich, standing by his side on the training ground, in the dressing room, and in team meetings.

The City Watch Podcast is delighted to welcome Marti onto the show, as he delivers extraordinary insight to our listeners, into what goes through the mind of Pep Guardiola on a day-to-day basis, and what he plans to do for Manchester City Football Club over the next three years.

While Marti was eventually given full access to Guardiola’s Bayern, Pep wouldn’t have someone around that he didn’t trust. This is something which Marti had to earn.

“Pep and his staff they gave me some tests. He told me ‘you can see everything and write everything, but, you don’t leak the team line ups or our tactics before a game.’ Then I remember my first day on the training ground (in July 2013). Estiarte said ‘in two or three days we will sign Thiago.’ I said ‘Thiago!’. He told me ‘yes, yes, but it’s a secret’. So for the next three days I didn’t speak to anyone, not even my wife! They wanted to see if I could be discreet or not.”

Once this trust had been earned, Martí then received information which most journalists could only dream of, on a regular basis.

“I knew the names in March/April (of who Pep wanted at City).” Marti said.

And Marti believes that Pep has big plans for Manchester City, plans which will benefit the club for years to come.

“Pep’s goal in Manchester City is very, very ambitious. To create a team spirit that will remain for many years after Pep leaves. To play good. To win trophies. To implement in the academy a model of play for the youngsters (which will stay for many years). He has not thought about when he will leave. He’s just arrived.”

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