Yaya Touré’s controversial agent comments on Champions League squad exclusion

Yaya Touré’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, has become notorious for his outspoken remarks about Manchester City and their relationship with his client. Over the past half decade, he has made some borderline slanderous remarks that City have appeared to tolerate simply because Yaya has been such a crucial player.

On the heels of Touré being left out of City’s squad for the Champions League group stage, you might have expected Seluk to blow his top and attack the club, but surprisingly he has responded in a fairly dignified manner.

Speaking to Sport Express in Russia, Seluk said of Yaya’s exclusion:

“We’re happy that Yaya will stay with the team until the end of his contract. Certain he could have left, but chose to stay.

“Yaya is a great professional, who has twice won the Premier League and every other international trophy, except for the World Cup.

“Perhaps Pep considers the fact Yaya’s contract is ending after this season and wants to give others a chance to grow.

“This is a technical decision and the results will show whether it was right or wrong. We’ll see at the end of the season.”

It’s possible that Seluk has suddenly adopted this diplomatic tone because Yaya is due a loyalty bonus when his deal is up next summer, or maybe he is just mellowing out. We’ll leave that up to the reader to decide…

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1 Comment

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