Watch: Manchester City fans’ new Pep Guardiola song and where did it start?

Manchester City fans have come up with some bangers in the last few years. “Ohh Balotelli” was one of the most creative songs of recent times, while “Yaya/Kolo” was so popular it became a nightclub anthem.

The latest isn’t as original, since it is used by Crystal Palace fans and has been for years, but is another catchy one. Set to the tune of ‘Glad All Over’ by the The Dave Clark Five, it celebrates the arrival of Pep Guardiola.

“You say that you need me
You’ll always be mine
[‘Cause] we’ve got Guardiola x3
So glad you’re mine”

It could be heard in patches in the South Stand against Sunderland, but didn’t really spread around the stadium. With several videos going viral across social media, you can expect this one to take off now.

So where did it start? Like so many football songs, in a pub! Before last season’s Capital One Cup final to be exact, so it’s not brand new.

And this is what it’s based on, ‘Glad All Over’, which happens to be the Crystal Palace club anthem.

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