Pictured: Is this Leroy Sané leaving Germany for Manchester?

The age of social media gives us insights into transfers we never had before. Real-time information from clubs and journalists, easily accessible transfer news from all around the world… and people getting selfies with footballers at airports!

Tonight, we came across an Instagram photograph of an Everton supporter with Leroy Sané at Düsseldorf Airport (note: his caption is a joke).

Flights left Düsseldorf for Manchester Airport at both 6:55pm and 9:10pm. The question is, why was Sané there? Schalke leave for Austria tomorrow, so he would surely be with the team if he was in their plans.

Then, a City supporter contacted us, having quizzed the man who took this photo, and he claimed that Sané, his father, and younger brother, were all on his flight… to Manchester!

Earlier reports that Sané was already in Manchester for a medical have been refuted by German sources, including Kicker, and Schalke’s sporting director has warned that Sané will remain at the club if a deal isn’t finalised tomorrow.

But is this proof that Sané is now, in fact, in Manchester and about to sign for City? Tomorrow could be the decisive day in the Leroy Sané saga!

UPDATE: Instagram strikes again! Sané has been snapped at Manchester’s Radisson Hotel, where Gündoğan is also staying!

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1 Comment

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